Films available from 10-800 micron thick, up to 1.85 metres wide and in a variety of roll lengths, generally used for reinforced plastics tooling release applications.  These are low cost and in some instances capable of operating in excess of 230°C.  We endeavour to offer the most suitable film for your application and can supply perforating wheels or perforated film should these need venting.

Papers of 1 and 2 side release, non-migrating parchment type; generally 40-60 gsm.

Polyester / Polyimide Films have operating temperatures in excess of 300°C and are available in 36-50 micron thickness, to 1.85 metres wide.  Specify maximum operating temperature and type of film preferred.

Perforated Bleed Film is positioned over Peel Ply
Perforated Bleed Film is positioned over Peel Ply

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