M50 hh display crop259x427The M50 is a modular, non invasive, universal unit which allows the user to measure moisture either as a hand held unit or as part of a process control system, input to PLC.  It is small, rugged and light to ensure ease of use.  Being fully sealed and designed to meet the IP67 water and dust proof rating it offers accuracy and reliability even in the most aggressive of environments, making it ideal for data capture and industrial applications.

It will operate on any non-metallic / non-carbon material, including: composite laminate / sandwich (polyester, epoxy, vinyl ester, phenolic resins), timber, carpet, concrete, brick, etc, measuring the dielectric constant of the material under test.

The unit can be set for use on specific materials by entering the product density to give an accurate percentage value, or as a comparator measuring the variation in moisture content over a component showing dry and damp spots.  It operates effectively on both flat or curved surfaces.


Output options include:-

M50 Radome236x200M50 Percent237x200
The M50 has been designed as a superior alternative to the well-established A8-AF manufactured by Moisture Register Products, a Division of Aqua Measure Instrument Co, making it ideal for a wide range of aerospace / aviation applications.



m50 doc180x267M50-P PROBE SPECIFICATION :

M50-PHP-P HAND HELD DISPLAY SPECIFICATION :M50 hh display only115x282


Utilising an electric field, the M50 measures the dielectric constant of the material under test.  As the dielectric constant of water is many times higher than materials which normally contain it, the measurement is a certain indication that true moisture is present.  It displays the average amount of water detected within its field. 


Degree of cure during polymerisation of a resin effects the dielectric constant.  Therefore the M50 can also be used for cure monitoring within a process.  With its relatively large probe, cure can be measured to greater depths than other units available on the market.

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