Vacuum Barometer Type JRTB-200/12

JRTL have introduced a range of Vacuum Leak Detectors, Absolute Barometers and Manometers to assist with vacuum leak detection.  They offer a very quick & easy solution for assessing the vacuum level achieved & whether there are leaks within an evacuated part.


Vacuum Leak Detectors

For the pinpointing of leaks in a vacuum bag.

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Automatic Vacuum Drop Testing

Vacuum Drop Test Setup with Internal SensorJRTL offer a number of options to automate the vacuum drop test.  Utilising either gauge or absolute units, the most popular is a hand-held insturment which carries out a timed drop test, offering alarm functions and data logging options.

We also offer a Rack Mounted / In Process Monitoring system with touch screen technology, pre-set configurations, data logging functionality and the option of utilising bar code scanning.  This very flexible device can be configured to customer specific requirements and fully integrated into a MPM (manufacturing process management) system.

Vacuum Barometer Type JRTB-200/12 (pictured)

Displays the pressure of an evacuated part in absolute terms.  Useful for giving an instant indication if a leak exisits within a bagged component or evacuated part.

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Type JRTB-8200 Series Manometer

Vacuum / Pressure Manometer for Vacuum Integrity Testing of a Vacuum BagOffering a digitalised alternative to the 'vacuum drop' test with the option of data logging and timing facility.

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Both units are available ex stock.

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