To complement our existing range of repair equipment JRTL are currently developing a new bonder.  The HBC-4302 will be a 1+ zone controller allowing single to multiple heated zones to be used in a highly mobile, cost efficient manner.

It will slot into the Hot Bonding Controller HBC-4300 Series our notebook/PC controlled units, with rugged / solid state electronics, allowing up to 6 heated zones to be controlled independently, with inputs for up to 32 thermocouples and vacuum level monitoring and control of up to 4 points.  The HBC-4301 Main Control Case offers flexibility but is currently available as a 2+ zone unit.

HBC-4301 Thermocouple Detail     HBC-4301 Vacuum Out Detail

The new unit will comprise single zones that can be linked to form up to a 6 zone unit.  Ability to network with HBC-4301A to expand zones / thermocouples.

Hardware will comprise:

- 1 zone output: up to 30A
- 10 Thermocouple inputs
- 1 vacuum pump and internal pressure transducer
- Network capable to link up to 6 units
- Universal single or 3-phase power input
- Small local display and keypad

The unit will be housed in a Peli case and operate from similar software to the current HBC-4301, being PC based.