This remarkably small unit (86 x 146 x 47mm) is a low cost method of controlling power supplied to electrical devices rated up to 3 KW.  By simple manual adjustment the output can be regulated between 0 and 100%.  It has an integral RFI filter to ensure compliance with CE EMC requirements and a 25 Amp high surge triac is used to reduce electrical stress and increase reliability.  A single controller can be used to regulate three 1KW, two 1.5KW or one 3KW heater.jrth_lvr1_400x249

JRTL's customers are finding the type JRTH-LVR1 controller ideal for regulating the electrical output supply to infra red (IR) heater lamps and heater blankets for composite applications. 


It ensures temperature variation is kept to an acceptable level and importantly costs are reduced as power is regulated to that needed rather than running equipment flat out consuming excess power.

04/03/2011 : we have just built a batch of Rheostat Controllers rated for 115 Volt applications.  They have a maximum output of 1500 Watts & are for use with burst firing (heater mats) only.  However, we could incorporate electronic switching for short wave infra red heater lamps if required.

Please contact us if you would like further details. 

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