Bonding and Moulding Shop Consumables


JRTL provide a range of bonding and moulding shop consumables used during manufacture and repair of structural composite / reinforced plastic components.

The following is a guide of these materials.  Properties and samples are shown on additional data sheets available to download or on request:-

A wide range of films are available for both low and high temperature vacuum bagging.  The 2 standard grades are:-

  • Vac Film 6/50 - Polyamide 6, 50 µ thick, to 190°C (cast and blown/lay-flat tube)
  • Vac Film (Heat Stabilised ) 66/50 - Polyamide 6:6, 50 µ thick, to 200°C+ (cast and blown/lay-flat tube)

Bagging Film is positioned over Sealant TapeBagging Film is positioned over Sealant Tape

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Vacuum Bag Sealant Type 200R is used to make vacuum bags and seal films to tools / moulds.  This universal grade is suitable for many applications, with temperature resistance up to 120°C.  Various sections and lengths available, the standard being: 15 x 3 mm, in 192 metre packs, containing 16 rolls, 12 metre reels. 
 Vacuum Bag is carefully positioned & sealed
Vacuum Bag is carefully positioned & sealed

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These are for autoclave or general vacuum applications where a contoured vacuum bag or re-usable system is required. Manufactured from reinforced or un-reinforced electrometric sheet material, incorporating silicone or non-silicone formulations. Elongation of up to 800% and temperature resistance to 220°C+; eg. our E6112S (in a variety of weights).
Self Contouring Bolster Bag

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These are specifically designed for use as resin bleed meshes to be incorporated within the impregnation process for Vacuum Resin Transfer/Infusion Moulding methods.  They enhance the flow of resin through the laminated part by providing a path along which it can flow.

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These tend to be non-woven products of polyester or glass fibre base (depending on temperature required) available in 1.5 metre widths, 50 or 100 metres long. Density range 130-300 gsm, identified with an LP or LG prefix followed by density code.

Glass, aramid or quartz woven fabrics for this application are also available with different finishes.  Grades available for all types of: contour, air passage and fire retardant applications available on request.
Breather Fabric is positioned over Bleed Film
Breather Fabric is positioned over Bleed Film


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These are generally a woven polyamide 6 or polyester fabric with a satin or plain weave.  They can be used either on their own to give a non-contaminant release/bleed barrier or they may be treated with our Dry Film Release Agent 450 (PTFE based) to lower release forces required. These fabrics are available in 2 oz (55 gsm) & 4 oz (110 gsm) weights.

Peel Ply is positioned over the laminated part
Peel Ply is positioned over the laminated part

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Our Series 450 Release System, available in a solvent or water soluble base, can also be supplied to aid the easy removal of satin woven glass, quartz or aramid fabrics used for similar purposes.

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Films available from 10-800 micron thick, up to 1.85 metres wide and in a variety of roll lengths, generally used for reinforced plastics tooling release applications.  These are low cost and in some instances capable of operating in excess of 230°C.  We endeavour to offer the most suitable film for your application and can supply perforating wheels or perforated film should these need venting.

Papers of 1 and 2 side release, non-migrating parchment type; generally 40-60 gsm.

Polyester / Polyimide Films have operating temperatures in excess of 300°C and are available in 36-50 micron thickness, to 1.85 metres wide.  Specify maximum operating temperature and type of film preferred.

Perforated Bleed Film is positioned over Peel Ply
Perforated Bleed Film is positioned over Peel Ply

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These products are ideal for the manufacture of tubes and other hollow structures moulded on mandrels, made from either wet lay up or pre-impregnated fibre reinforced fabrics.  Available in various widths and lengths as required:-

Type P25
For high shrink applications between 70-120°C (free-release)
Type P23 HRS
For high (30%) shrink applications between 120-160°C
Type P23 LRS
For low (5%) shrink applications between 120-160°C

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This range of tapes arrests squeeze out of resins at joints and edges during high temperature cures:-.

Flow-Stop LT Polyester based (non-silicone) for applications 125-160°C
Flow-Stop LPolyester based (non-silicone) for applications 125-200°C
Flow-Stop MPolyester based (silicone adhesive) for applications 200+°C
Flow-Stop HPolyimide based (silicone adhesive) for applications 300+°C

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Vacuum System Fittings, Connectors and Hoses:

J R Technology Limited can supply either ex-stock or at short notice the following essential items:-

  • Hose Reinforcing Springs/Vacuum Resin Transfer Coil Channel (metal and plastic)
  • 'T' Piece and Straight Connectors
  • In-Line Taps

These reliable, leak-tested valves are offered with simple to use, quarter-turn control. Sizes available follow:-

 8 mm (1/4 inch) 6 mm      Double Barb      Plastic      Natural and Black
14 mm (1/2 inch)12 mmDouble Barb      Plastic      Natural and Black
19 mm (3/4 inch)12 mm      Double Barb      PlasticBlack
25 mm (1 inch) 12 mm      Double Barb      PlasticBlack

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  • Vacuum Resin Transfer Coil Channel

Offered in 3 metre lengths this channel is designed to facilitate the flow of resin introduced to a part being infused. Standard coil is available in 12 mm ID wire galvanised. Other sizes and material types are available to order.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Bag Connector & Quick Disconnect
  • Hose Fittings (metal and plastic)
  • Vacuum Bag Connectors (metal and plastic)
  • Reusable VRT Connector Cups

These are a simple way of connecting Header and Feeder pipes onto a part for infusion. It is not necessary to add these until after the component has been laid up, the release and breather stack added and the vacuum membrane put in place. They are used in conjunction with sealant tape to adhere them into place with a vacuum tight seal.

  • Quick Connect Couplings (metal and plastic)

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  • Flexible Reinforced Vacuum and General Hose, eg. Silicone

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