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JRTL supply NDT and quality control instruments to the composite industry. 

Specialising in simple to operate tools, our range of automatic tap testers are accepted as the industry standard.  Over the last 30 years these have gained many approvals from the marine, aerospace and autosport manufacturers.

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DolphhiCam 2D Array CameraJRTL are pleased to have extended their range of NDT test equipment to now include the hand held DolphiCam composite inspection instrument.  

The DolphiCam is a simple to use ergonomic ultrasound device to detect flaws in carbon composite parts. Connected to a PC, tablet or laptop via a USB port it displays a high resolution colour palatte representation of any defect within the structure under test, and uniquely can show a variable angle 3D representation of the inspection area.  It can be used on carbon composite parts up to 16 mm thick; there are two cameras available:-

  • The DolphiCam CF08 : for up to 8mm thick CFRP
  • The DolphiCam CF16 : for up to 16mm thick CFRP

DolphhiCam 3D ImageThe aircraft industry are already demonstrating their confidence in the Dolphicam instrument as approval has been given to its use on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and it is being considered for use on airbus A-350.  It can be operated by non-experts utilising the Team Centre version of the software, which allows for ease of use, controlled by the NDT expert.  For most surfaces the DolphiCam does not need any preparation or coupling fluids.

The Woodpecker WP-632AM combines both the former WP-632 Handpiece and WP-632M Monitor into one unit making it a more powerful tool than previous models.

Woodpecker WP-632AM with XY PlotterHaving an LCD display built into the Handpiece, it clearly shows the set and measured contact times (in mili seconds), making it easier to setup on the test standard.  The unit data-log's points giving a record / history that can be saved creating traceability of a scan.

The display means that it can be function tested in house to the manufacturers specification without the need of other expensive equipment; a Function Test Kit is required. 

Woodpecker Logo The Woodpeker range of hand-held NDI instruments are battery operated automated tap testers.  Simple to operate they utilise a CPU and sensors, clearly showing the degree of delamination of the item under test.  They can be linked to a PC with related software and cables to provide a map of the material tested.


Tap Tester Woodpecker WP-632 Handpiece being used on a piece of carbon structure
Woodpecker WP-632
Handpiece being used on a
piece of carbon structure

Equipment available:-
  • WP-631: The original Woodpecker developed some 20+ years ago.  It incorporated all of the standard features, but did not have the option of being used with the WP-632M Monitor.
  • WP-632: Over the last 15 to 20 years this Woodpecker became widely accepted as the tool of choice for first line inspcetion by many of the Worlds OEM manufacturers, airline maintenance bases and military establishments.  It was designed to be used with the WP-632M Monitor and could be plugged into a PC to extract saved data points.  It has now been replaced by the WP-632AM Handpiece.
  • WP-632AM: The latest addition to the Woodpecker family replaces all of the previous models.  It has an LCD display built into the Handpiece, which clearly shows the set and measured contact times (in milli seconds) of the structure under test.  It can be function tested in house to the manufacturers specification, utilising an optional kit and a traceable calibration service is available.
Woodpecker WP632The Woodpecker is an electo-mechanical tap tester used for the quality control and testing of metal bonded and composite structural components.  It eliminates the human error factor associated with the traditional coin tap technique.   It is simple and efficient to operate and can be used in any working environment.  As a result it has become accepted as the industry standard for tap testing.

Woodpecker WP-632M MonitorThe Woodpecker WP-632M Monitor is available as an option for the WP-632 Handpiece.  When connected to Woodpecker WP-632 it displays the measured values (in mili-seconds ms) both graphically and in a bar-graph.  Set points can also be added to the memory.

 It is provided with cables & software for data transmission to a PC when required.

JRTL offer the following accessories for the Woodpecker range:-

(1).  Protective Handle for the Woodpecker Handpiece:

Protective Handle for Woodpecker Handpiece

JRTL offer a repair service and formal calibration (traceable to National Standards) for the range of Woodpecker Tap Test equipment.

Woodpecker 632AM Handpiece

M50 hh display crop259x427

The M50 is a modular, non invasive, universal unit which allows the user to measure moisture either as a hand held unit or as part of a process control system, input to PLC.  It is small, rugged and light to ensure ease of use.  Being fully sealed and designed to meet the IP67 water and dust proof rating it offers accuracy and reliability even in the most aggressive of environments, making it ideal for data capture and industrial applications.

It will operate on any non-metallic / non-carbon material, including: composite laminate / sandwich (polyester, epoxy, vinyl ester, phenolic resins), timber, carpet, concrete, brick, etc, measuring the dielectric constant of the material under test.

The unit can be set for use on specific materials by entering the product density to give an accurate percentage value, or as a comparator measuring the variation in moisture content over a component showing dry and damp spots.  It operates effectively on both flat or curved surfaces.

Vacuum Leak DetectorsThese units cut out the tedious process of searching for leaks in bonds and seals when applying vacuum or pressure to a sealed tool or bagged component. 

They offer a fast and accurate way of detecting leaks, being hand-held and battery operated.

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Digital ThermometersJRTL offer a range of Digital Thermometers which operate from -49.9°C to +1000°C.  All are hand-held and battery operated type.  A variety of thermocuple input options are available and units can be specified as either degrees C or F.

The Thermoocouple Selector Switch is a cost effective way of manually switching between 1 to 6 different thermocouples.  K or J Type thermocouple input options are available.  Batteries not required. 

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