NDT & Inspection Equipment


JRTL supply NDT and quality control instruments to the composite industry. 

Specialising in simple to operate tools, our range of automatic tap testers are accepted as the industry standard.  Over the last 30 years these have gained many approvals from the marine, aerospace and autosport manufacturers.

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M50 hh display crop259x427The M50 is a modular, non invasive, universal unit which allows the user to measure moisture either as a hand held unit or as part of a process control system, input to PLC.  It is small, rugged and light to ensure ease of use.  Being fully sealed and designed to meet the IP67 water and dust proof rating it offers accuracy and reliability even in the most aggressive of environments, making it ideal for data capture and industrial applications.

It will operate on any non-metallic / non-carbon material, including: composite laminate / sandwich (polyester, epoxy, vinyl ester, phenolic resins), timber, carpet, concrete, brick, etc, measuring the dielectric constant of the material under test.

The unit can be set for use on specific materials by entering the product density to give an accurate percentage value, or as a comparator measuring the variation in moisture content over a component showing dry and damp spots.  It operates effectively on both flat or curved surfaces.

EVOTIS acoustic automated tap test deviceThe EVOTIS is an automated tap tester that has been developed for use on thick structure components.  Unlike the Woodpecker, it measures both the piezoelectric and acoustic response of the material under test, utilising directional microphones to ‘listen’ after the input of energy.  Both results are shown graphically where thresholds can be set to a baseline value, giving a go/no-go device.  The EVOTIS is used extensively by Japanese Rail to inspect their infrastructure.

  • Advanced Tap Tester using the acoustic analysis method 
  • Two sensors (Piezo crystal and microphone) are used to capture responses from the solenoid-driven tapping device
  • The software allows point measurements to be compared
  • Potential to integrate with probe tracking and visualisation software

DolphhiCam 2D Array CameraJRTL are pleased to have extended their range of NDT test equipment to include the DolphiCam 2D ultrasonic array system.  

The DolphiCam is an inspection tool that can be used on a range of materials up to a depth of 50-80 mm.  A unique transducer technology with high-performance signalling electronics is used to create superior resolution A, B, C-scan and 3D images of the part being tested.   Applications include: assisting manufacturing and service personnel to perform effective QA and developing the best repair strategy for a damaged part.  Combined with the hole inspection facility with tablet compatibility, the system offers a very fast, simple to operate and cost-effective method of quickly assessing structure.


Woodpecker Logo The Woodpeker range of hand-held NDI instruments are battery operated automated tap testers. 

Simple to operate they utilise a CPU and sensors, clearly showing the degree of delamination of the item under test.  They can be linked to a PC with related software and cables to provide a map of the material tested.