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JRTL supply equipment to the composite industry to facilitate the manufacture of FRP components. 

Our technical staff can assist with design and installation of workshops equipped for fabrication, repair, machining and assembly of composite parts.

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For over sixty years Rasor, Italy has produced cutting equipment for textile applications.  JRTL are pleased to be able to offer their range of composite electric rasor_logoand pneumatic operated cutters suitable for: glass, carbon and aramid reinforcements and other technical textiles (carpet, astro-turf, glass re-inforced silicone, etc).

RASOR Pneumatic Cutter Type FP861A1 Rasor's competitively priced and reliable cutting solutions offer a faster alternative to the William Whitely hand shears.  All supplied with integrated sharpening device

Electric Cutters and Scissors : for use on all non-carbon reinforcement

  • OPTIMA 70 : rated 220V, 4-edge blade Ø 70 mm (2.75”), net weight 1150g, for the cutting of material up to 15 mm thick

Pneumatic / Air Cutters and Scissors : for use on all high performance reinforcments including carbon & hybrid textiles

  • FP501 : 300 Watt, 7-edge blade, Ø 50 mm (1.96”), net weight 790 g, for the cutting of material up to 8 mm thick
  • FP70 : 350 Watt, 6-edge blade Ø 70 mm (2.75”), net weight 920 g, for the cutting of material up to 20 mm thick
  • FP861 : 350 Watt, 8-edge blade, Ø 86 mm (3.4”), net weight 1100 g, for the cutting of material up to 20 mm thick
  • FP861MT : 350 Watt, 8-edge blade, Ø 86 mm (3.4”), net weight 1100 g, with specially designed foot for the cutting of aramid fibre, for the cutting of material up to 20 mm thick

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J R  TECHNOLOGY LIMITED offer this lightweight cutter which has multiple uses in a composites shop.  Its excellent ability for cutting: patterns, custom shapes & hand laid laminate makes it a must for every workshop.



  • Ergonomic design for comfortable work, minimising fatigue
  • Hard, metal coated blades for high cutting efficiency
  • Powered by either battery or mains

Ideally suited to lighter weight applications.  Its competitive price makes it is a viable alternative to scissors.

Available ex stock. 

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wwShears2JRTL are pleased to be able to offer the William Whiteley Range of Hand Shears, manufactured & ground in the UK.  These can be tailored for specific materials, so if you have any specialist requirements please contact us / send samples accordingly.

Vacuum Barometer Type JRTB-200/12

JRTL have introduced a range of Vacuum Leak Detectors, Absolute Barometers and Manometers to assist with vacuum leak detection.  They offer a very quick & easy solution for assessing the vacuum level achieved & whether there are leaks within an evacuated part.

Premier Vortex Stainless Steel 3-Piece Vacuum Bag Valve & QRC, ISO B

JRTL are pleased to announce we are now official distributors for the Premier / Vortex range, offering the most advanced vacuum connection solutions in the World.  They manufacture fully serviceable, stainless steel: vacuum bag connectors, QRC couplings, assembled autoclave and workshop hoses.  Premier design, manufacture and assemble in England.

Raodome Inspection utilising the Woodpecker Tap Tester

JRTL are able to produce and supply most types of production equipment or plant for the reinforced plastic and composite industry. Our technical staff can design and prepare schemes from conception, with workshops suitably equipped to fabricate, machine and assemble all types of units through to completion.


This technique of moulding provides all the advantages of a dry lay up method, in terms of: economics, health and safety and handling of resins; achieving closely controlled fibre volumes of up to 70%, giving a corresponding improvement of properties compared with wet lay-up procedures. The process permits the use of almost any resin system (with suitable pot life and viscosity) and combinations of woven and unidirectional fibres.

Cutting Laminating and FinishingJ R TECHNOLOGY LIMITED supply a variety of composite cutting equipment, including the following:-


  • Electric and Air Driven Scissors and Cutters : suitable for all technical fabrics including carbon and aramid fibre reinforcements.
  • Manual Scissors and Piercers : a range of scissors and shears are stocked in a variety of sizes, as well as for left handers. These include: laser serration's and PTFE coated.
  • Air Tools and Diamond Coated Cutters : a range of these can be provided to you requirements.
  • Hot Knife Cutters : these facilitate the cutting, slitting and resealing of many workshop consumables.  Quicker, more accurate and cleaner than using shears also eliminating frayed and unsealed edges.
  • Adjustable Film and Fabric Unrollers are also available.


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