Cutting Laminating and FinishingJ R TECHNOLOGY LIMITED supply a variety of composite cutting equipment, including the following:-


  • Electric and Air Driven Scissors and Cutters : suitable for all technical fabrics including carbon and aramid fibre reinforcements.
  • Manual Scissors and Piercers : a range of scissors and shears are stocked in a variety of sizes, as well as for left handers. These include: laser serration's and PTFE coated.
  • Air Tools and Diamond Coated Cutters : a range of these can be provided to you requirements.
  • Hot Knife Cutters : these facilitate the cutting, slitting and resealing of many workshop consumables.  Quicker, more accurate and cleaner than using shears also eliminating frayed and unsealed edges.
  • Adjustable Film and Fabric Unrollers are also available.


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