Vacuum System Fittings, Connectors and Hoses:

J R Technology Limited can supply either ex-stock or at short notice the following essential items:-

  • Hose Reinforcing Springs/Vacuum Resin Transfer Coil Channel (metal and plastic)
  • 'T' Piece and Straight Connectors
  • In-Line Taps

These reliable, leak-tested valves are offered with simple to use, quarter-turn control. Sizes available follow:-

 8 mm (1/4 inch) 6 mm      Double Barb      Plastic      Natural and Black
14 mm (1/2 inch)12 mmDouble Barb      Plastic      Natural and Black
19 mm (3/4 inch)12 mm      Double Barb      PlasticBlack
25 mm (1 inch) 12 mm      Double Barb      PlasticBlack

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  • Vacuum Resin Transfer Coil Channel

Offered in 3 metre lengths this channel is designed to facilitate the flow of resin introduced to a part being infused. Standard coil is available in 12 mm ID wire galvanised. Other sizes and material types are available to order.

Stainless Steel Vacuum Bag Connector & Quick Disconnect
  • Hose Fittings (metal and plastic)
  • Vacuum Bag Connectors (metal and plastic)
  • Reusable VRT Connector Cups

These are a simple way of connecting Header and Feeder pipes onto a part for infusion. It is not necessary to add these until after the component has been laid up, the release and breather stack added and the vacuum membrane put in place. They are used in conjunction with sealant tape to adhere them into place with a vacuum tight seal.

  • Quick Connect Couplings (metal and plastic)

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  • Flexible Reinforced Vacuum and General Hose, eg. Silicone

  For samples or more information contact us.