Applied Heat A-75 Benchtop Mini BonderThe Applied Heat A-75 Benchtop Bonder is a basic portable unit for controlling composite cure heating systems.  It is small, lightweight and easy to use and can be operated from a 120/240v supply up to 20amps.  It is very useful for both bench and field use and can be operated by non-technical staff.  

Applications include:-

  • Heat Lamps
  • Heat Blankets
  • Radient Heaters

It is ideal for:-

  • Dry out
  • Accelerating room temperature cures
  • Cures not requiring printed records

Suitable for the following idustry sectors:-

  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Automotive
  • Infrastructure

Compact and Portable : The Model A-75 Benchtop Bonder weghs only 3.2 Kg's (7 lbs), with outside dimensions of 10.75” x 9.75”, rated: 120/240 Volt input power & 20 Amps.

Durable : Housed in the world’s toughest water tight case, the A-75 Benchtop Bonder is built rugged for in-field durability.

Affordable : At JRTL, our job is to make your job easier.  We provide a full line of no-nonsense, reliable composite repair equipment at a price you can afford. 

JRTL offer full back up on these units, can advise on their use, give practical demonstrations, and can provide the calibration service with traceable certification.

pdfClick here to download data sheet on Applied Heat A-75 Benchtop Bonder