Dual Channel Printer / Data-Logging Thermometer Type JRTHD-M2-PRINT/PCMicroprocessor based data logger combining printing and data-logging thermometer.  Housed in a durable ABS plastic case with easy to use push buttons and a custom LCD display incorporating a backlight.

The printing data logger measures temperature over the range of -200 to +1370°C with a resolution of 0.1°C/°F (-200 to +650°C) or 1°C/°F.  The unit incorporates two mini thermocouple sockets, input selectable for type: K/J/T/R/S/E probes, enabling the user the option of connecting one or two t/c's with selectable readings and printing of probe 1, probe 2 and a differential temperature reading. 

The dot matrix printer prints directly onto thermo-paper, eliminating the need for an ink cartridge or ribbon.


Dual Channel Printer / Data-Logging Thermometer Type JRTHD-M2-PRINT/PC


Includes: software (type: Multi-Function Logger, version 2.1), RS-232 / serial port communication lead, batteries, 4 x thermal paper, 2 x thermocouples with mini plugs & universal power adaptor.

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