JRTL offer the following accessories for the Woodpecker range:-

(1).  Protective Handle for the Woodpecker Handpiece:

Protective Handle for Woodpecker Handpiece

Available ex stock we are fitting these as standard as part of the calibration service.  If required we can also supply them direct to be fitted by your engineers.  Please request Part Number: WP-632-PH

Protective Handle for Woodpecker Handpiece

The Protecive Handle fits all equipment within the Woodpecker range, including:-

  •  WP-631 Handpiece
  • WP-632 Handpiece
  • WP-632AM Handpiece 

 Click here to download fitting instructions 

Woodpecker Function Test Kit(2).  Function Test Kit: allows the customer to carry out a functionality check to the manufacturers specification in house.  It does not replace the requirement for calibration. 

As well as the items & instructions required to carry out this process, it contains:

  • 1 x spare Acrylic Hammer Head
  • 1 x pair of Feet
  • 1 x Aluminium Hammer Head - for thicker (2+mm skins) structural applications
  • 1 x Target Marker

We also offer an opional case to pack both the the WP-632AM Handpiece and Function Check Kit in together.

Contact us for more information.

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