Woodpecker Logo The Woodpeker range of hand-held NDI instruments are battery operated automated tap testers.  Simple to operate they utilise a CPU and sensors, clearly showing the degree of delamination of the item under test.  They can be linked to a PC with related software and cables to provide a map of the material tested.


Tap Tester Woodpecker WP-632 Handpiece being used on a piece of carbon structure
Woodpecker WP-632
Handpiece being used on a
piece of carbon structure

Equipment available:-
  • WP-631: The original Woodpecker developed some 20+ years ago.  It incorporated all of the standard features, but did not have the option of being used with the WP-632M Monitor.
  • WP-632: Over the last 15 to 20 years this Woodpecker became widely accepted as the tool of choice for first line inspcetion by many of the Worlds OEM manufacturers, airline maintenance bases and military establishments.  It was designed to be used with the WP-632M Monitor and could be plugged into a PC to extract saved data points.  It has now been replaced by the WP-632AM Handpiece.
  • WP-632AM: The latest addition to the Woodpecker family replaces all of the previous models.  It has an LCD display built into the Handpiece, which clearly shows the set and measured contact times (in milli seconds) of the structure under test.  It can be function tested in house to the manufacturers specification, utilising an optional kit and a traceable calibration service is available.

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