DolphhiCam 2D Array CameraJRTL are pleased to have extended their range of NDT test equipment to include the DolphiCam 2D ultrasonic array system.  

The DolphiCam is an inspection tool that can be used on a range of materials up to a depth of 50-80 mm.  A unique transducer technology with high-performance signalling electronics is used to create superior resolution A, B, C-scan and 3D images of the part being tested.   Applications include: assisting manufacturing and service personnel to perform effective QA and developing the best repair strategy for a damaged part.  Combined with the hole inspection facility with tablet compatibility, the system offers a very fast, simple to operate and cost-effective method of quickly assessing structure.

There are a number of options available:-

  • DolphiCam1 CF08 and CF16 : pitch-catch system for up to 16mm thick CFRP
  • DolphiCam2 : a pitch-catch system for a range of materials and thicknesses
  • DolphiCam2+ : a pitch-catch system for a range of materials and thicknesses with 14" rugged tablet
  • DolphiCam MxTTU : through transmission ultrasound

DolphhiCam 3D ImageExtensively used in a variety of industries including: space, aerospace, autosport and civil engineering demonstrating their confidence in the DolphiCam instrument which has been approved for use on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A-350.  It can be operated by non-experts utilising the Team Centre software, which allows for ease of use, controlled by the NDT expert. 

 JRTL would be pleased to discuss the use of this instrument with anyone interested and give a practical demonstration of it in operation.

pdfClick here to download DolphiCam1 Brochure

pdfClick here to download DolphiCam1 Whitepaper

pdfClick here to download DolphiCam2 Specification

For more information or to request a demonstration please contact us 

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