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To complement our existing range of repair equipment JRTL are currently developing a new bonder.  The HBC-4302 will be a 1+ zone controller allowing single to multiple heated zones to be used in a highly mobile, cost efficient manner.

The new Woodpecker WP-632AM combines both the WP-632 Handpiece and WP-632M Monitor into one unit making it a much more powerful tool than the previous model.

Woodpecker WP-632AM with XY PlotterHaving an LCD display built into the Handpiece, it clearly shows the set and measured contact times (in mili seconds), making it easier to setup on the test standard.  The unit data-log's points giving a record / history that can be saved creating traceability of a scan.

The display means that it can be function tested in house to the manufacturers specification without the need of other expensive equipment.  Each new unit is supplied with a Function Test Kit.

The new  XY plotter is now available as an option for the Woodpecker WP-632AM.  It allows the user to measure contact time (in milli seconds) of the structure under test & displays the position of the unit on a PC (as colour tile map or numerically) if used in real time.  This record can be saved & printed creating traceability of a scan.

Woodpecker WP-632AM with XY Plotter & PC showing screen captureDuring our recent visit to Japan the manufacturer demonstrated this new system, available ex stock.  If you are interested in prices & further details please do not hesitate to let us know.

 The WP-632AM has been available off the shelf since the end of 2007 and sales have now exceeded 30 units to both military and civil customers.  Over the next 18 to 24 months the standard WP-632 Handpiece will be phased out.

In July 2007 the equipment received NATO codification, NSN.- 6635-99-282-4319

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We have added a website loggin facility for customers of the hot bonding controller type HBC-4301 Main Control Case.

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