This technique of moulding provides all the advantages of a dry lay up method, in terms of: economics, health and safety and handling of resins; achieving closely controlled fibre volumes of up to 70%, giving a corresponding improvement of properties compared with wet lay-up procedures. The process permits the use of almost any resin system (with suitable pot life and viscosity) and combinations of woven and unidirectional fibres.

Utilising a single open male or female mould (depending on the preferred finished side), the resin is allowed to flow under a vacuum bag, eliminating the necessity for matched tooling. It is ideal for producing both small and large components. The process involves drawing resin from a container into the mould (by vacuum) through JRTL's specialist bag connectors into a system of coils. Either a single coil is incorporated near the centre of the moulding or a continuous coil around the rim. This can either be left in the structure or trimmed off. The illustration below shows the items used in the process


Accelerated curing can proceed once impregnation has been completed using either ovens, autoclaves or other heat sources. All equipment, consumables and advice for this process are available from J R Technology Limited.

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These are available in steel or plastic units, with plain, glass and windowed lids. The option of fitting air ejector vacuum pumps mounted onto the valve and gauge set and mixer units is also offered.

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