This work has already been carried out for many clients, including well-known museums and collectors. 

A selection of aircraft types dismantled, transported and reassembled are:-

B17USA and RAF Museum
ShackletonSouthend and Midlands
Lancaster RAF Museum
Fiesler StorchLondon
Heinkel 111London and Cambridge
Messershmitt 109London
Vampire T2Surrey and Toulouse for MoD
Sopwith CamelBedfordshire and London
MustangLondon and Cambridge (Imperial War Museum)
HarvardCambridge and RAF Cardington
Various gliders RAF Halton and Cambridge 

A resident engineer is available for you to discuss your needs and our representatives are usually available during special events and aircraft sales.  For more information contact us.

Heinkel 111 Fuselage being moved from storage

Heinkel 111 Wings being transported





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