m50_docJRTL complete development of a new universal moisture meter.

This non invasive, universal probe allows the user to measure moisture either as a hand held unit or as part of a process control system input to PLC.  It is small, rugged & light to ensure ease of use.  Being fully sealed & designed to meet the IP67 water & dust proof rating it offers accuracy & reliability even in the most aggressive of environments.

It operates on any non-metallic / carbon rich material, including: composite laminate/sandwich (polyester, epoxy, vinyl ester, phenolic resins), timber, carpet, concrete, brick, etc, measuring the dielectric constant of the material under test.


The unit can be set for use on specific materials by entering the product density to give an accurate percentage value, or as a comparator measuring the variation in moisture content over a component showing dry and damp spots.  It operates effectively on both flat or curved surfaces.

Currently output is to a PC via a USB digital connection or PLC via analogue voltage generator.  This makes it ideal for data capture & industrial applications.  We will shortly be producing a small, self contained hand held portable indicator/recorder.

Specification for M50-P Probe as follows:

  • Probe Ø OD : 57mm
  • Sensor Ø : 28 mm
  • Field depth penetration : up to 40mm (readings relate to inverse square rule)
  • Range : 0 to 50%
  • Power consumption : nominal 10 milli Watts
  • Operational temperature range : -20 to +85 deg C (un-tested)
  • Weight : 150g for Al probe as demonstrated (option for SS)
  • Rugged : designed to conform to IP67 (dust & moisture resistant)
  • Communication interface : USB, cable = 1.8m long
  • Software operating systems: XP & Windows 7
  • Software displays : Moisture content in %, with facility to adjust - density value, resolution / data collection speed, zero compensation

Field trials are currently taking place.  If moisture meters are of interest please contact us and we will advise you directly on how things are progressing.

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