IR Heater Lamp Type JRTH-HL3000


The JRTH-LP3000 Series has three 1 KW GC Powerslim lamps, fitted into three individual cassettes.

This flexible system allows each cassette to be adjusted and locked into position around the contours of the vehicle body, ensuring maximum area coverage.

Height adjustment is made using the high performance locking gas strut, offering a near weightless movement to the cassette support arm.


  • 500mm 1.0 Kw High output GC Powerslim short wave lamps in each cassette
  • Long lamp/emitter life with an average of 6000 hours
  • 0  - 100% heat instantly through twin 30minute timers on both the Flash and Bake settings.
  • Robust steel constructed stable frame, fitted with rear  wheel locking castors.
  • Maintenance free cassettes with no fan or filters to change / maintain.
  • Easy height adjustment by locking gas strut.
  • Individually switched cassettes.
  • Horizontal or vertical cassette operation 


  • Area coverage 800 mm x 1000 mm
  • Minimum operating distance - 500 mm
  • Max vertical curing height 2030 mm
  • Max horizontal curing height 1800 mm

Electrical specification:

  • 110/120 Volt 3 KW 50/60 Hz single phase 25 Amps, part number JRTH-HL3000/115
  • 220/240 Volt 3 KW 50 Hz single phase 12.50 Amps, part number JRTH-HL3000/230
  • 380/415 Volt 3 KW 50 Hz  3 phase 4.25 Amps per phase, part number JRTH-HL3000/400

JRTH-HL3000, comprising: 3 x 1.0 KW lamps, 500 mm long, rated: 240 Volts
& 12.5 Amps

Compatible for use with Heater Lamp Controller Type 400/1/H/P (for more information follow this link Link to Timers and Over Temperature Sentinel Controllers)

To arrange a demonstration or for more information contact us.

 IR Heater Lamp Type JRTH-HL3000 Drawing










To arrange a demonstration or for more information contact us.