Woodpecker WP-632M MonitorThe Woodpecker WP-632M Monitor is available as an option for the WP-632 Handpiece.  When connected to Woodpecker WP-632 it displays the measured values (in mili-seconds ms) both graphically and in a bar-graph.  Set points can also be added to the memory.

 It is provided with cables & software for data transmission to a PC when required.

  • Digital display of the base value
  • Digital and bar-graph (LED's) display of the measured values
  • Memory of the base value and measured values as well as display of the number of memorised points
  • Data transmission to a PC
  • Memory capacity of up to 5,000 points
Woodpecker WP-632 connected to WP-632M


Woodpecker WP-632 Handpiece connected to WP-632M Monitor

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