Woodpecker WP632The Woodpecker is an electo-mechanical tap tester used for the quality control and testing of metal bonded and composite structural components.  It eliminates the human error factor associated with the traditional coin tap technique.   It is simple and efficient to operate and can be used in any working environment.  As a result it has become accepted as the industry standard for tap testing.
  • Compact, lightweight and fully portable - battery powered
  • Easy to operate
  • Variable tapping speed (Hz) and average sample rate
  • Quantitative display: graduated light emitting diodes (LED's)
  • Logging of measured values (when used with optional WP-632M)
  • Operative in any working environment; not affected by noise
  • Insert Mode for checking the position & shape of core, ribs, spars, etc


  • Detection of deponds, uncrued resin, crush core, etc in metal bonded and composite structures
  • Checking the position and shape of core materials
  • Detection of inserts, beams and ribs.

Sample ImageClick here to download data sheet for the Woodpecker Tap Test System

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