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No chance with RASOR Cutters so take care!!No chance so take care!

To offer the complete cutting solution for high performance reinforcements JRTL have teamed up with two of Europe’s leading shear manufacturers:-

Giving a comprehensive range of master-crafted hand and rotary shears specifically designed to provide the complete cutting solution for high performance reinforcements.

m50_docJRTL complete development of a new universal moisture meter.

This non invasive, universal probe allows the user to measure moisture either as a hand held unit or as part of a process control system input to PLC.  It is small, rugged & light to ensure ease of use.  Being fully sealed & designed to meet the IP67 water & dust proof rating it offers accuracy & reliability even in the most aggressive of environments.

It operates on any non-metallic / carbon rich material, including: composite laminate/sandwich (polyester, epoxy, vinyl ester, phenolic resins), timber, carpet, concrete, brick, etc, measuring the dielectric constant of the material under test.

Following JRTL’s recent partnership agreement with the French Company ISOJET Equipments we are pleased to announce the successful commissioning of two new RTM machines.aircelle_iso_425x249

The customers :

  • GE Aviation (Hamble)
  • Aircelle (UK) Limited

thanked JRTL who are pleased to have been able to provide this service promptly and efficiently enabling both GE Aviation (Hamble) and Aircelle to commence using their machines.

This remarkably small unit (86 x 146 x 47mm) is a low cost method of controlling power supplied to electrical devices rated up to 3 KW.  By simple manual adjustment the output can be regulated between 0 and 100%.  It has an integral RFI filter to ensure compliance with CE EMC requirements and a 25 Amp high surge triac is used to reduce electrical stress and increase reliability.  A single controller can be used to regulate three 1KW, two 1.5KW or one 3KW heater.jrth_lvr1_400x249

JRTL's customers are finding the type JRTH-LVR1 controller ideal for regulating the electrical output supply to infra red (IR) heater lamps and heater blankets for composite applications. 

Following numerous comments from customers over the difficulty in cutting Carbon and Aramid fabrics and prepreg, JRTL took it upon themselves to investigate and carry out a survey into the problem of sourcing suitable cutters and scissors.


The result: we are pleased to advise we have sourced a range of composite shears produced in England.  The range offered is very effective and long lasting when used for cutting these advanced materials.

JR Technology (JRTL) have built a reputation as specialists in the supply of composite production and repair equipment.  All items are designed to be portable and / or mobile suitable for on-site, in workshop and on location overhaul.  Our range is well suited for GRP and gel-coat repair, the location and treatment of osmosis, including all aspects of yacht building and refurbishment. 

Osmosis repair-the extraction of ingressed moisture using JRTL equipment

JRTL have recently signed an agreement with Henri Pierre Hiblot, President of the French ISOJET Equipments Company to become the UK Sales & Service Centre for their range of resin transfer moulding (RTM) units. 

Signing of ISOJET AgreementThe assigned JRTL service engineer has 25 years of experience working with resin metering & pumping equipment so is well qualified to assist.  He is going to be receiving specific training on the ISOJET Equipements systems in June.  

JRTL are pleased to announce their partnership with Victory Lighting Limited – experts in Infra Red (IR) heating.  The formal agreement was signed at Helitech in September 2009.

JRTL sign agreement with Victory Lighting at Helitech, September 2009It enables JRTL to offer an extensive range of shortwave IR heater lamps and fittings adapted specifically for the composite & aerospace industries.  IR lamps are 92% efficient at converting electricity into heat, giving considerable cost savings whilst providing a controllable, reliable heat source for instant temperatures up to 120+ deg C.

Vacuum Barometer Type JRTB-200/12


JRTL have introduced a range of Vacuum Barometers and Manometers to assist with vacuum leak detection.  They offer a very quick & easy solution for assessing the vacuum level achieved & whether there are leaks within an evacuated part.

Vacuum Barometer Type JRTB-200/12 (pictured) displays the pressure of an evacuated part in absolute terms.

To carry out a timed, vacuum 'drop' test we would recommend our Type JRTB-8200 Series manometer with data logging & timing facility.

Both units are available ex stock.

To arrange a demonstration or for more information contact us.